We started!!!

Maybe you can imagine that I’m absolutly busy on our building-site here in Phoudindaeng. So I don’t have enough time to write about what exectly we are doing, but I would like to update the blog every few days with pictures, so you can follow what’s happening. I really want to give more explanations in future, but it looks like that the five month here at the VangVieng Organic Farm are a very short time to build a house. I will write a few lines to every pic I will upload, but please be kind with me when the explanations are basic. Best greetings from Phoudindaeng in Lao PDR.



3 Responses to “We started!!!”

  1. I has been amazing to be part of this great proyect,,
    Thank You Peter

  2. Anthronaut Says:

    Hey Pietzler,

    nice to see you’re finding the time to document the happy bricking for the public! I’m curious about what’s to come (more bricks, perhaps?).

    Take care mate.

  3. peter!
    how is it goin?
    cih bin so froh das du diese seite hast.
    ich hab deine komplette adresse verloren.
    hab kahmsone ne email geschrieben und nach deiner mail adresse gefragt…..natürlich kein antwort.
    dann hab ich kp gefragt, der finde sie auch nicht…..
    so alter adresse her!
    ein frohes neues jahr wünsche ich dir.
    wie laufen die mudbrigs? und wie läuft soccer?
    und bist du überhaupt noch auf der farm?

    gruss ritchie

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