The first steps in the mudbrick-pit

Please start reading from below. The story is upside-down. Sorry. The next time I try not to be stupid…..the first time!

Everyday we could make between 50 and 150 bricks what depended on the number of volunters and evening before.


The molds had to be lifted carefully at the same time, what was in that case not the easiest exercise.


After stamping the dough, we had to bring it into wooden molds to get the bricks. The inside of the molds was covered with a plastic table-cloth, that we sprinkled with water each time we filled it new. So the bricks could slip out easily and got a nice shape. After that we let them dry for about two or three days until we turned them and let them dry again for another five days. Then they were dry enough to move. After about two weeks in total they were ready to be used .




Every morning we prepared our mixture for what we used about 50% clay-mud, 20% cutted straw, 15% rice-husk and 10% sand. After that, we added a lot of sweat and laughs until everything was mixed and our feet cut.When farm-visitors said: “Oh! That looks like in the childhood. That must be a lot of fun!” We just could answer: “But children are smart enough to go home after twenty minutes or do something else.”

But we underestimated the power of lao kids!


This was our working place for the first month. Together we made about 1800 bricks. But the pit wasn’t only a place to work, it was also a wonderful space to meet people from all over the world, who were willing to work together, share endless knowledge and endless gossip. I guess we had minimum 100 people helping with shoveling mud, sand rice-husk, cutting straw. Afterwards stamping the mixture and fill it into the molds. Thank you all so much for the wonderful time and your ambitious help! Without you we would never be so far as we are now!



4 Responses to “The first steps in the mudbrick-pit”

  1. coucou!

  2. lehmboden igititgitt.
    ganz schön arschig zum graben oder?

    hallo pieter, que tal?

  3. Servus Peter,

    ja des schaut doch alles super aus! Und a schoene Seite is des auch. Freu mich schon auf weitere Bilder und Eindruecke. Ich mit meinem Englich-Abi-Fuenfer find dein Englisch uebrigends sehr okay.

    Gruß an die Alexi,

    Maxi, euer Paralleler

  4. Kieran And Becky Says:

    Hey Peter!!!!!
    So great to hear that you’re doing so well the mudbricks!! Kieran and I feel very honered to be in some of your example photos. We look back on those times and feel very sentimental. We hope that you are still finding many helpful hands, and good luck with the rest of the mud stamping!!!
    Thanks for your friendship
    Kieran and Becky

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