Please wait a little…. We are busy!!


I really hope that I will find the time the next days to update earthbricker with stories and photos. As you can see on the photo above, sometimes things in Lao go a different way that you expected. But no worries, after a big baeng (schnoizerer) small little wonder truck and I survived without any injuries. The very amoused lao farm-workers and the falang volunteers were pulling us out together. After that, I decided to open the only Jaegermeister-bottle we had, to thank the emergency team. I don’t know if they will ever help again after that culture-shock. But an hour later we were on the road again and together we keep on going! What would the world be without little white wonder car? Sok dii, Cheers, Peter


4 Responses to “Please wait a little…. We are busy!!”

  1. GREAT! I need to buy a truck like this and hire you as my personal driver 😉
    Have you ever considered to build your house around this truck? You could make this your chill out place for watching the stars 😀

    Take care my friend 🙂

  2. Do you have drivers license for driving backwards ? :)))

  3. Mojito Girl Says:

    Hello Peter Nr. 1

    Hope to see a northwest terrasse on the house. In the first floor, above the entrance would be nice.
    I missed driving the little white wonder car. Hope the next time will be without any car crashings on the building site!
    Get Roli for digging!

  4. Mojito Girl Says:

    We need more pictures!!!!
    Waiting for building site stories!!!!

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