The Wall

Hello everybody.

So, the first serious update for what we did in the last month. After we had chosen the place where we would build the house, we had to prepare the whole space what was enough work for about two month, until we are now soon finishing the foundation. The place itself is too small to build a house on, so we decided to build a cement wall to win another three meters. On the other hand the extension with a cement wall was neccessary to protect the house from floods that could sometimes come in in the rainy season when Namsong River shows its wild side. So we began building a mudbrick-house with a lot of cement what seems strange in the first moment, but what was absolutly neccessary if we wanted to us that place, that is, after all the efforts, an amazingly beautiful piece of land.
Before that photo was made, we cleaning the place from the jungle, were digging earth a whole week, tying iron-wire and nailing wooden-frames, before we started to fill cement in the first mold as you can see on the picture.


So here you can see the building-site in total. Tjan, the lao guy next to me was helping with the cement-work, because we had no clue how to build a wall, that should resist a crazy river. We made the 3m x 7m wall in about three weeks. It was built in three steps. For each meter a new wooden frame.


We were building that wall without any big machines or prefabricated parts . Every evening we fell into our beds after mixing 5-10 bags of 50kg of cement with minimum the tripple amount of sand and gravel. Tjan, or as we called him “Mr. Whip” learned us a lot, even if it was very exhausting with him and the cement sometimes. This is one of the cement doughs waiting to be mixed.


The wall itself stands on three components. At first the iron-wire, that gives it a inner structure. After the wooden frames were installed we threw in big stones, what makes the wall very strong. To connect everything and strengthen it we filled in cement at last. Here we tie the iron-wire, to prepare the second meter of the wall.


Finally we could take off the last frames, what was absolutly overwhelming for some of our most ambitious ones! Mojito Girl in action!

I was so happy when the wall was finished, that I even didn’t care about the strange holes in the front. As you know, I’m not a great specialist in cement work, but the Lao guys are so proud of our wall, so please be kind with critique and mock. Our Number 1 estimated that this wall will stand without problemes the next 50 years, even if Namsong River would come.

So it was time to dance!


So this is what happened between the 16.12.07 and the 10.1.08. Right now we are still building the foundation, because of natural and human made difficulties. But please remember, we are in the Lao PDR (People’s Democratic Republic) or like bad tongues say Lao – Please Don’t Rush! I will update the next days to show you what we’re working on right now. Enjoy your meal. Long live sticky rice!


2 Responses to “The Wall”

  1. anthronaut Says:

    Love the T-Shirt!!!

  2. Mojito Girl Says:

    Dear Peter,
    I look so busy on this one picture breaking down the wall…but the truth is, that I was the laziest on the whole muddy 3 building site as I was busy with making Mojito Cocktails at my bar most time of the day….

    But I get you all back for that. I would like to organize a building site helper party on the Oktoberfest in September…sounds good I think!!!
    Great pictures and great house!!!

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