The little Superwall

After the big wall was finished we needed another wall that protected the bricks from the rain and stabilized the path, because the foundation of the house is ca. 80 cm beneath ground-level. So we built another wall with the help of woodenframes until the ground-level, but after that we added another 20-30cm with our hands. We only used big stones and cement what made the whole work a big puzzle what was so nice. These pictures are from the 26.1.08. You see, slowly we come closer to the present! Soon.


On the other side of the path we built two more pillars. They will carry the sleeping room that will flying above the path!


If you ask yourself what that strange wooden animal is, it’s the goatfather’s baby, but we used it just as a leather. Unsafe, but it worked. Originally meant to demonstrate what to do if there are problems if a goats gives birth, the goat ended under our feet.



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