Waiting for the mudbricks

Today we finished the last steps before we can start tomorrow with the first mudbricklane. As mortar we will us the same mixture like for the mudbricks. 50% clay, 20% cutted straw, 15% sand and 20% rice-husk. Onkeo and I couldn’t hide our joy after work today, when we noticed tomorrow we finally start.


This is what the building-site looks like now. The frames on the left hold a cement wall, I thought what is necessary for the shower, where mud should impossible be to use. As it goes in Laos, Wong, a experienced lao builder told me that we easily could have taken mudbricks if we had put tiles on the inside afterwards. Boo pen njang, bast scho, doesn’t matter. This time it’s Jenny’s turn to dance on the wall.



One Response to “Waiting for the mudbricks”

  1. Mojito Girl Says:

    Dear Mister Peter,

    I am so happy with you that I am now listening to Dr. Bison music as loud as I can…
    As your older sister the only thing I can say is….wonderful great awesome job my little baby brother!!
    I love you and Iam still waiting for this evening sun terrace in the first floor of this mudhouse! Great job from all the helpers ever!!!
    And for us girls it was always nice to be at the buildingsite……all the guys, working without T-shirts…sweating…shoveling…yes..nice!

    Have all the fun in Laos.
    Mojito Girl

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