Sabaydee. I’m very hungry, so excuse me for writing only a fe words.

So we started three days ago with mixing mortar.


Improvising is also sometimes necessary, for example if you forgot to put nails that connect the entrance-door with the bricks. But no problem, boo pen njang.


To show you how fast a house grows as soon as you are building the walls, I put the pictures from the last three days from two different points of view in a row.

Sunday, 10.2.08


Monday, 11.2.08

Tuesday, 12.2.08


From the other side the ground floor is already finished.


Sunday, Moritz dancing on the wall.


Tuesday, Solana and Chris dance on the wall.


Wednesday, TJ and Solana are dancing for the audience.cimg0358.jpg


One Response to “Fullspeed-building”

  1. Mojito Girl Says:

    Ohne Worte
    Ihr seid verrueckt!!! Wunderbare Fensterstoecke!!!
    Waere zu gern dabei, einen Stein auf den anderen zu setzen!!!
    I am happy!

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