Lao acrobatics

Hello everybody

So today we could finish the wall of the first floor. The last two days we had a lot of fun at the building-site too. Endless mud-fights. That house is really like a castle. You can hide, climb and jump everywhere to find the perfect position to fire sticky mudballs. Sometimes we had a cease-fire, so we could work too. Even Charlotte showed up with her camera to film our little personal battles. She is doing an documentary about the farm. This picture was taken on the 13.2.08


This picture was made short before we finished the wall. You see Onkeo wasting precious building material by throwing it at the poor camera-man.


I grew up on a cherry-tree in our garden at home. But compared to Ham, Onkeo and Khamdaeng I’m absolutely scared of heights. They were jumping around like there is no tomorrow. These bricks they are setting here were the last ones. Tomorrow we will put the beams for the second floor on their pillars. What you see here is the bath-room. We will put a wall between the central-pillar, where also the stair will be, and the wall on the right. So you can take a shower and watch Phai collecting food for the goats, as you can see him doing right now. Actually it’s time to say sorry to him, he was the main target today.


So that’s what the building-site looks like now. The lao guys didn’t want to dance .



2 Responses to “Lao acrobatics”

  1. Mojito Girl Says:

    Dear Mudhouse Crew,

    The house looks perfekt. I love the bottles Art in the wall of the bathroom. The long high windows look very good too. The whole thing is unbelievable and needs a very special name at the end!!!
    Dont forget Silvans painting mudding in the wall!!!
    I would love to help!

    I wish you all well, Onkeo, dont forget about a rum coke!!

  2. TJ and Bill Says:

    Wow – so much progress in the past few days! Sorry we missed the mud fights. We loved helping out and can’t wait to see it go up!

    TJ and Bill

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