Dancing upside-down on the ceiling


So we finished the outer wall of the ground-floor, but we still had to build the wall that separates the bath-room from the living-room. Between that wall and the central-pillar you see on that pic, the stairs will go up to that long window. So while you are walking up to the second floor you can watch the mulberries grow.


The last three days we were working on the construction of the floor for the second level. I had to teach myself in “walking” on a 5cm beam in 3 meters height. Surprisingly the lao side was not absolutely amused about my snail-style. In the bavarian mountains I learned I should always have three secure points before I take the next steps. Here the rule says maximum one point. They jump around like the new baby-goat. A third lao guy joined the team. Wad the carpenter. Very nice and quiet guy. All the volunteers who were working with Chan know why I enjoy now the not stressy guys. As you can see, they are already enjoying the view you will have from the balcony soon. Sometimes I just have to sit there and do nothing. Unbelievable that they gave that place to me to build a house.


After installing the beams, we started today to raise the wall into the second floor. I was very happy that we also could start with the sleeping-room above the path you see on the left. It feels fantastic that all these ideas and pictures in my head and on paper slowly become visible. Tomorrow is said to be the day of the balcony pillars. I’m excited, but I know that I won’t praise the day before the evening. Actually I should tell you the hammer-story. Next time.

Every evening we cover all the wall with a huge tarp. I don’t trust the moods of the weather in Lao anymore. This pic is from today.You can see the wooden pillars. Until there we will build the wall. 1,75m. The lao guys think that this is way too high!



One Response to “Dancing upside-down on the ceiling”

  1. Mojito Girl Says:

    …….its the most beautiful house I have seen in my life!!!
    Please Pietz, I want the same house on the top of my favourite mountain here in the Alps!!! Can you build that for me???

    I love the bottle style Art!!!And the long long window and of course the Fensterstoecke!!
    Mojito Girl

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