The final-wall-countdown

These are the latest pics from the building-site. Today I set symbolicly the first brick of the last layer. On the left you see the future sleeping-room and on the right the balcony starts growing too. All the windows are set already. Very exciting right now!


On the front you can see the balcony better. From there you have an unbelievable view on the limestone-rocks of Phoudindaeng. We will find a way to hide that ugly cement wall.



2 Responses to “The final-wall-countdown”

  1. Mojito Girl Says:

    Do you already have a name for this crazy house???

  2. Gee Saysombath Says:

    Holy Shit!!! Was i asleep when all of you were doing this? I should switch my career from English teaching to mudbricking… Great job mud brick volunteers!! 🙂

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