We need a name!

Hello everybody

Gee brought me on the idea that we could start to collect eventual names for the new mudhouse. Unfortunately the other two bungalows are called “mud 1″ and mud 2” so please help me to prevent the name “mud 3”. My favourite so far is “the fortress”. Add your suggestions as comments!


11 Responses to “We need a name!”

  1. earthbricker Says:

    The name of the mudhouse has to be “BARBARIAN CASTLE”

  2. But Mud 3 has such a nice ring to it…! How about Mud Ministry…

    Am back in Melbourne remembering good times on the farm…especially mud ball throwing, and that first feeling of squishy mud between the toes in the morning.

    And that beautiful view from the hammocks…

    Introduced my sister to E.A.V…it’ll be an Australian revolution.

  3. Somehow it reminds me of the “pulverturm” in Burghausen Germany, were we sometimes used to live in the summer… but i think gunpowder tower is a bit rough and if the sun is too hot and the bushes are burning again…

    Pietz, you know what i mean. So maybe “Mud Tower” or “Muddy Tower”?


    your parallel cousin

  4. by the way, good job making E.A.V. worldfamous, if they aren’t already…

  5. I got a few really unfunny proposals to give the cottage a name… But I fear that some of them might be hard to enunciate for the lao people…
    1) Bayerische Staatskanzlei
    2) Niebelungenhalle
    3) Castle Neuschwanziegl
    4) Castle Nymphscastle (a proposal concerning personal matters…)
    5) Castle Grayskull
    6) Muderhorn (an impressing mountain in Switzerland near the little village Zermud)
    7) Mudhoney
    8) Mudshell (then if you like you can visit Lao to say something in a mudshell…)
    I think I better stop now, sonst kim i in Schmarn nei…

  6. Mojito Girl Says:

    I go back to the simple thing of…

    the aexla

  7. Back to earth-house

    I”ll be back Peter, Prepare the farm and off course Greenvieuw, about 16 march,

    Love, Ait

  8. earthbricker Says:

    Thanx so far for these wonderful suggestions. I had so much fun. Mudler, Muderhorn and Barbavarian Fortress are still my favourites. Keep on going!
    Muderhorn is so typical, Lumpi!! But Mudler so absolutely Aexi also!

  9. hi,
    I think i should be a historical name: “villa hermine”! I don’t know why but it sounds good! hehe
    hau nei, alda! sivu

  10. You can choose between these favourite names….


    “Number One Mudler”

    “BB Mudler”

    “Lao Lao Mudler”

    “Mulberry Mudler”

  11. seves,
    because there was no feedback last time, I will take a new try: pietz, you should call your “ass-horny” house: the laothian name of “sepp” bzw. “josef” with -castle at the end, huhu! …Then it would be a part of mine! I think I’ve the best ideas, huhuhu! in diesem sinne gruß aus seppcastle, ciaosn!

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