Countdown: 19 days

On the 29.3.08 will be our house-warming-party! You are all invited! For us that means that time is running out. The roof, the paint and the floor is missing. But it’s still possible and I decided to get up at 6 a.m. and not 7 a.m. Yes Mum, it’s me.

We had problems to find a carpenter who could build the roof, but as naive as I am, I was just lucky that Dan and Chris showed up, two very nice guys who are experienced carpenters and who like the challenge to put a roof on a strange house like ours. They started two days ago together with Goe and Onkeo who want to learn how to build a roof. It will be not easy but I will sleep so much better when that roof will be finished. Tonight Julie and I had to get up at 5.30 because it was raining and our lao weather specialists had said in the evening before that there is no way that it rains that night.

The lao-canadian roof-top-joint-venture having fun in five meters height.


All I can do now is updating the blog with new pics and the brand-new wisdom that plastering needs more time than raising a wall! I never thought that. Tomorrow we will have finished the third layer and painting starts soon.

The front view. Can you see that we were working very hard the last two weeks? No. Plastering is from an distant view not very thankful.


The house from the slash and burn field view. How can I leave??



One Response to “Countdown: 19 days”

  1. Mojito Girl-Alex Says:

    Dear Peter and Crew,

    the whole story about this house is unbelievable. The house looks so beautiful…I would love to join you every day and especially the house warming party!!!
    So lucky that you found the carpenters, Canadians are always the best! Please take all care, that nothing happens in this high of 5 meters or on the whole building site. I am very proud of you and this incredible house. So what was the name of this house??Mudler?Mud Princess?

    We will know at the warming party. Wish you all well. Dont forget about the painting from Silvan!!


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