Countdown: 11 days!!!

At first I want to give you an unbelievable number. I estimated how many people were helping on building that house. People who helped an hour or who stayed a month, all of them working together, making that project one of the best experiences of my life. About four-hundred “Thank you” go out to all of you. Our house is soon to be finished!

The last days we are working faster than ever. The 29th is coming closer and we decided to give it a try to finish the house so far that we can have a big big party in there! After that we will burn it down. Maybe. Most of you will think that this is impossible but we will see!

On that pic you see how Julie and the funny french crew make the color for the paint. The mud needs to be crashed so small that it’s particles fit through a mosquito-net. We decided to paint the outside wall in earthern-color, so it will in the end look like the color of the bricks. The bath-room and the living-room will be beige or white. The mud-dust is mixed with lime-powder and water. After that, we have to wait for three days until we can use it. Short before we paint, we add boiled tapioca-flour as a glue. We will have to paint two times.


Eddy came back after two weeks to finish the house with us. He was always talking about a mulberry-leaf-design on the outside-wall. Yesterday he finished it. It looks amazing. Here you see him at the beginning of his work. Today he started to build the stairs in the inside.


This was a very special moment for me. The raising of the central-beam of the roof. The canadian carpenter crew is working very hard on that part of the house. The next two days they will already start to put the shindles on the top.


The side-view here is covered by a tarp we had to put on, because everything looked like rain. Luckily the rainy-season gave us another chance, but we are warned. As you can see on the wall on the right, that there are also vandals in Laos. Somebody put a classical heart on my house! Only because that guy is a very nice person, I’m not wiping it out!


This pic is from yesterday when the carpenters got there after-work-beer. Today the roof looks already different. The rafters are finished and the strapping close to be finished.


So, this is the latest pic from todays evening. 11 days more. I’m looking forward to that house-warming-party. Wherever you are, get your things packet and come!! We start piling the Beerlao in the fridge.


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