Happy Days

Here we go!!! The day I was dreaming about the last four month was TODAY!!! It was like in a bad Bollywood-Movie. When our Carpenters put on the last shindles, it started to rain! I got nervous like always the last few month when I noticed the noise of falling rain-drops, but then I noticed, no more covering anything at any time at any place:



We were discussing what material we use, but in the end we took the cheapest. I don’t know the name or what it is made of. Scusi. Probably most of you think that a natural material would have been more beautiful, what is maybe right, but the problem with most of these bamboo or grass roofs is, that you have to change them every two-three years. But who cares today. WE HAVE A ROOF!!!


Now the party-guests for the house-warming-doing-nothing-for three-days can come…including Mr. Monsun.


5 Responses to “Happy Days”

  1. Mojito Girl-Alex Says:

    Dear Pietz and Mudler Crew,

    Congratulations! The whole house is wonderful! I like the nice french mixed color on the outside, the mulberry leave art is very pretty. The whole thing is full of characters of the builders…….
    This house came out of all the peoples hearts and good moods and its built on the sunny side of this planet….

    I wish you a lot of fun together……have a great party…..


  2. Ernst Toller Says:

    ich freue mich wirklich sehr für euch. wie geil, daß es noch geklappt hat. werde glaube ich auch zimmermann und hänge meine akademikerlaufbahn an den nagel, da kommt wenigstens was sinnvolles raus

  3. Christoph Says:

    Dear Pietz,

    your Dad is very proud of you!!!!!!!!
    When you come to Bavaria, you get a Mass of Andechser Bock Beer!!!!!

    Wish you well.

  4. hey peter,
    its ritika here, one of the girls from singapore. i have a few pictures of the mud bhouse before and after the roof, and the difference is amazing. would you like them on facebook??

  5. earthbricker Says:

    Sure please put them on your facebook-account and post the link here. Would be very nice. Hope you had a good trip back. We are working on the floor(s).

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