6 more days: Student Attack

Like almost every week-end the last two months, the local youth showed up to help at the mud-house. All of them go to the English-class at the Phoudindaeng youth center and are absolutely fantastic and nice people. With their help, we could go on with painting very fast. It is so much fun working with them, what you easily can see on the picture. By the way, don’t ask me what the girls from the class did today. Normally they show up too and support the party.


When they come we always have lunch together. Today we had green papaya salad, fried egg, meat-soup with blood-cubes and classical sticky-rice. Mojito-Girl?! This food is provided by your bar!



2 Responses to “6 more days: Student Attack”

  1. Hi guys!
    well done with the roof! looks impressive! the work is going in so fast!! good luck for the rest of it. From thailand now (Ko Samet), we’ll be following the work from india!
    Elise and Ju (part of the french connection)

  2. Bgh - Oma und Aoe - Oma Says:

    Lieber Peter – Gruss an den Osterhasen, der eigentlich irgendwo in deiner Huette ein Nest versteckt haben sollte – so er uns gesagt hat.

    Wir überlegen, naechstes Jahr dort Urlaub zu machen. Gruss an Mister Thi.

    Beste Gruesse vom Ostertisch 2008 in Burghausen

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