The last steps for TOMORROW!!

Thank you all so much for all the nice greetings and wishes for our house and the party. Even my two grandma’s are following earthbricker and what is going on in Phoudindaeng!

I decided now to be a little bit mean and won’t put pics of the finished parts of the house on the blog. Yes, you read right. It’s almost – very finished. Only the beach needs to be done! Seriously!

I still can’t believe how lucky we were with all the people who came to help. In the last three weeks volunteers had the coolest suggestions what they can provide for the house. Here for example Clemence is sewing curtains for our Mudhut. So beautiful in the lao-style and with so much patience. In the end we need eleven pieces and it looks like that she is really sewing them all in four days on Penguan’s (Miss T) wonderful Singer-sewing-machine.


In the living-room we put between the cement-floor and the mudwalls a nice little stone wall to make connection more beautiful.


I really thought that we will have a bad accident at the last three days of the building-site when Sai arrived with some workers to bring the rest-water tanks. The hole was more than two meters deep and the rings so unbelievable heavy. The asian, american and european continent struggling together.


In the bathroom we decided to make a different floor than in the living-room. We brought big stones from the Namsong-River and put them in cement. Julie is sitting on that pic on a huge massive stone you will stand on while taking a shower.


On the second floor we wanted to hide the railing of the stairs. How? We make a table out of it. Actually Mojito-Girl would be so happy. The guys who make it call it “the bar”. You can’t imagine what the final result looks like? more pics of all parts of the house in the next days.


Julie and I moved in already. Three days ago we spent the first night under the new roof including heavy rain. Awesome.


This is the front-view two days ago. Eddy built a tricky railing and we had already the first evenings on our wonderful balcony. Come join us tomorrow when we are cleaning up the place and start to party!


More pics of the whole house very soon. Before, during and after the party!


4 Responses to “The last steps for TOMORROW!!”

  1. Burghauser Oma Says:

    Hab jetzt deinen Artikel mit größter Freude Vati und Mammi übersetzt und denke gerade, wie du feierst. Auch bei uns ist es heute schön Wetter.
    Ich gratuliere dir, Julie und allen Helfern zur Vollendung dieses Werkes.
    Kann man nur sagen: na denn Prost.

  2. Mojito Girl-Alex Says:

    Hey you…missing you back home…….
    hey you…seeing your not alone….
    living in the green with lao fun….

    See, a good place on the world
    only hearted people find….
    all the way to Phoudindaeng.

    with all my love to you and all the people who worked for this incredible peace of heaven!!!
    Nice too see David again, even if its only on the picture…..great bar!!!
    This house is full of special corners. I cant believe the whole story about it!!

    Would love to be with you right now!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy this very special day of your life!!!!!

    with all my love and pride.

  3. Hey Pietz, hope you had a great party; i´m shure you had… Your house is really beautyful. I enjoyed watching it growing… Really exciting! I feel a bit like a child standing at a building site watching the building workers and being astonished when I watch this screen… Thank you… You can retry your work in our garden this summer, what do you think? I´m looking forward to seeing you in a few days… Hold your ears inflexible…

    Your next neighbour

    Ps.: What do you think about a Wu-Tang Clan graffiti on the concrete wall?

  4. Freu mich ganz gewaltig, daß Du nun fertig bist. in ein paar Tagen bist du wieder daheim, habe Grundstück für weiteres Haus im Auge. Wozu braucht eigentlich das Girl, das die Vorhänge näht, diese riesigen Knochen ? Kommt gut heim, es dürfte keinen solchen Sturm geben, daß es euch so verweht, wie das Flugzeug in Hamburg Vati

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