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About three weeks before we finished the house I took that video. You can go with me on a round-walk through our mud-house and I think you can maybe imagine what it looks like now. That day the students from the English-class were helping out again. It was quite busy on the building-site.

Party and interior pics soon…


Dreaming at home

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Finally I moved into my new wonderful room in Munich City. The heater is working, we can play football in our garden and the rice-cooker did his first job for Julie and me yesterday. I’m happy. At night I’m dreaming well. Snapshot out of my dreaming head:

Now the phone was ringing. I have to get my new bed. Again earthbricker needs to wait. The very next days more. Scusi…

Be patient…

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I’m back home in Burghausen and as you maybe can imagine, I’m as busy as I learned it from Lao people. Always busy. Maybe tonight or tomorrow I can update earthbricker with lots of fotos and stories from the house and the party. You can start to take a look at this picture and imagine a nice party story. Please add them as comments!