Searching for ideas


So Eddy “the Plainer” also booked his flight for autumn. Great feeling. What exactly will be going on at the farm is in the discussion right now. Please join. Definately we will continue with working on the house, but I will do some research for my thesis too, what actually means that I want to spend a lot of time with the people in Phoudindaeng. I want to get an idea what it means to be young in Phoudindaeng right now. There are so many futures, expectations, constraints…

So whenever you have an idea about new building-hybrids or whatever, please let me know. There are many new ideas in my head. Something between these two examples from Marocco where I took these pictures last year:

5-Star-Hotel in Zagora pretending to be something like “traditional” or “authentic”. Fake-Mud seems to be cool.


DIY-Mudhut. One of the millions.

Marocco Mudhut


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