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Pedro’s center-pillar

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So today Goe, Maan and Pedro brought the log for the center-pillar of the new house. It looks quite impressive now and they are looking forward to build the roof. The last days I just prepared paint for the renovation of the house we built before, so the work was relaxed, but not very dramatic.



We grew a new tree!

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Goe, Gunnar (sorry Runar) and me are very proud to present the new bottle-straw-design, we made in the last two days. It is now the new eye-catcher after you open the front-door. Three meters high and two meters wide.


Pedro’s house is growing pretty fast!  Goe from the Phoudindaeng village joined the building team. I am very happy with that. He was helping about two month, building our house last year. I think he is now the most skilled lao Mudhouse-constructor. Even if he has no idea about that!CIMG1941


Enjoy your weekends you lucky westeners!!

Back in the pit!!

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So we are back in the mud-pit! I arrived on the farm a week ago and everything is going on very well. The house is in a good shape. No severe damages and it will take about two weeks to finish it. After that, we will start to make the interior nice. I was thinking about an information point on mud-house-buildings downstairs, were it is still nice to hang out during the days. We will also build a place to cook on the terrace and even a herbal sauna is in discussion. Upstairs we moved in with five volunteers and we are enjoying the evenings on the balcony. Big sorry to Eddy the Railer. They had to enlarge the balcony and the roof to protect the walls from rain.

The house from the front right now with the huge new balcony. They had to remove the balcony-door because they needed to build another pillar. Soon I will plant banana-trees in front of that ugly wall. For sure.


The bath-room is about to be finished. It just needs a now coat of paint.


The interior upstairs:


We also started to build another mud-house. This one will be much smaller and round. The project is managed by Pedro from Spain and I help him everyday to get things started.  After ten days we could could start yesterday with the brick-lane.