We grew a new tree!

Goe, Gunnar (sorry Runar) and me are very proud to present the new bottle-straw-design, we made in the last two days. It is now the new eye-catcher after you open the front-door. Three meters high and two meters wide.


Pedro’s house is growing pretty fast!  Goe from the Phoudindaeng village joined the building team. I am very happy with that. He was helping about two month, building our house last year. I think he is now the most skilled lao Mudhouse-constructor. Even if he has no idea about that!CIMG1941


Enjoy your weekends you lucky westeners!!


5 Responses to “We grew a new tree!”

  1. Hey Peter! So great to have some news from the farm and the mud-house! Keep on the good work! 😀

  2. Go mudbrickers go!

  3. earthbricker Says:

    Come Nico Come!!
    Stay Ait stay!!

  4. Haha, I’m afraid my name’s not Gunnar 😉 It turned out real nice! I’m still thinking about trying to make it back to the housewarming…!

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