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Pedro’s house-warming-party

Posted in Uncategorized on November 27, 2009 by earthbricker

So on the 21st of november was the house-warming-party of Pedro’s house. I don’t think the pictures need a lot of comment from my side.

We had about 35 guests excluding the goat on the grill.

Sure we had some Lao Hai and the legendary Mr. Sai himself is preparing it.

Kaelyn and Runar built a small cart-board Pedro who will watch the house while the real one is gone.


News from Pedro

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Pedro moved into his new house! It is not finished yet, but the roof is on. We made the floor a few days ago, so he took a long machete with him and moved in! Tomorrow is the house-warming-party. Don’t miss it! On the picture below, you see us preparing everything to put in the concrete-floor. For the roof, we used corrugated iron, but Pedro wants to grow passion-fruit from below over all the house to keep the heat away. Mr. Thi said, he will have to make his peace with the tree-snakes!

On the terrace in our house, we made another concrete-floor. The other half will remain the Beach.

Our new voluntiere moved in. We had a big fat rat annoying us during the night-time, so we got now Mummy-cat named Mora and her three little horses. I thought our cats at home would be crazy, but these ones are wild in the meaning of the word. They really eat everything. A few weeks ago they left a present for me in front of my bed. A colourful gecko longer than my hand!

The new Mosaik-bench-floor-matt-entrance

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Sabaydee. We started to make the entrance nicer. Kaelyn, Andi and me had different ideas, so out of an half a day project became a five day project. Everything is finished now, but I couldn’t take a nice picture now in the dark, so I just give you some from the building process and you can start to imagine what it looks like.


Kaelyn started with a nice mosaik design and Andi made the bench.


I hope that I can upload tomorrow another picture of the finished result. Also for Pedro’s house. There is only one week left to finish it, but the roof is on!