News from Pedro

Pedro moved into his new house! It is not finished yet, but the roof is on. We made the floor a few days ago, so he took a long machete with him and moved in! Tomorrow is the house-warming-party. Don’t miss it! On the picture below, you see us preparing everything to put in the concrete-floor. For the roof, we used corrugated iron, but Pedro wants to grow passion-fruit from below over all the house to keep the heat away. Mr. Thi said, he will have to make his peace with the tree-snakes!

On the terrace in our house, we made another concrete-floor. The other half will remain the Beach.

Our new voluntiere moved in. We had a big fat rat annoying us during the night-time, so we got now Mummy-cat named Mora and her three little horses. I thought our cats at home would be crazy, but these ones are wild in the meaning of the word. They really eat everything. A few weeks ago they left a present for me in front of my bed. A colourful gecko longer than my hand!


3 Responses to “News from Pedro”

  1. Hey Pietz,
    ich komm ueberhaupt nimmer mit…..sorry, es ist erst das zweite mal, dass ich auf deine webseite schau. Sag mal, wieso steht da schon das naechste Haus, das ist ja total krass. Ich bin ueberwaeltigt und ist Pedro noch da, wenn ich komm???

    Pietz, der Mosaikboden ist Hammer und einfach nur wunderschoen. Es ist toll, was ihr da leistet!!!

    Ich freu mich, wenn du kommst. Bereits am 17. dez ist eine riesen Party, das Neujahrsfest der Buddhisten hier in Ladakh. Geniess noch die Waerme. Ich sammel schon mal warme sachen fuer Dich!!!

    deine Lexi

  2. Hey Peter & Pedro.

    Looks really nice!! i am impressed how fast pedro’s house is build! have fun and say Sabaidee to everyone.
    Koy kit hot phoudindeng lay lay!

    I am in Linz now by the way..

    Deine Ait

  3. Nothing about the party?! Hey, Peter, I tried to find you on Facebook, but tje info I got gives me nothing.. Hope everything is good down there!

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