Enjoy 2010!

Sababaydee pii mai falang! I hope for the most of you 2009 was full of adventures. If not: Enjoy 2010.

I can’t find the connection-cord of my camera, so no new pics, except for one I saved on the computer before. Just that you get an impression of Leh in Northern-India’s Ladakh, I put this picture on earthbricker. The next days I will show you how people are building here. Unbelievable. I thought I can find some ideas about building with mud in Bavaria, but…. How can you absolutely not care about insulation in the trans-himalaya?! Ladakhis rule the winter!


3 Responses to “Enjoy 2010!”

  1. nice!!! enjoy Leh and have fun, i’ll be in Munchen today! sabaidee pi mai!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Great shot!

  3. hi, i m sonam n i m from leh. U have a very good collections of pics i like them all. i want u to build a house for me in leh. bye

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