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The house before I left

Posted in Uncategorized on January 28, 2010 by earthbricker

Finally an update which is probably totally outdated. From Eddy I got the news, that the oven in the house is finished. As soon as I get some pics of the kitchen I will post them here. Pedro’s house seems to have a have a new bed and the bath-room was finished too by Eddy, Kaylin and Andy who stayed after I have left.

So at first a picture of the house before I left in the middle of december. The new balcony was built before I came. It is quite massive and the roof was extended too. The new concrete-pillars forced the constructors to move the terracy-door to the right. The bamboo-fence-railing in the front will hopefully be covered soon with climbing passion-fruit-plants and the ugly concrete-wall will be gone!

Siesta on the “front”. The walls of the house got a completely new coat of paint and some parts were replastered too. I was very happy to see that even after two rainy-season there was no area on the walls where the paint and the plaster were gone.

The entrance with the new mosaic, door-mat and bench.

This is the view if you open the front-door beneath the extension. In the back you see the new bottle-design-tree where Eddy started to build the oven and the kitchen. The “mud-tube” on the floor is the basement of the mud-pizza-oven. We covered the ugly concrete-cement-pillar with varnished wood. The lamp-sheds are from Luang Prabang, the plastic carpet from China.

And now the view from the opposite sidefrom the terracy-door to the front door:

If you leave the balcony door you are on the “Mulberry-leaf”-Mosaic and facing the “The Beach”(-cat-toilette).

If you are lying in the hammok you have a nice few on the leaf-mosiac. Perfect place for SMOKE-GOOO!!! (please help me Australians! How do you write this tradition what we call Brotzeit?!)

If you go back into the house to enter the bath-room, you are in facing the sink:

On the right you have the toilette.

This is the view from the toilette to the shower. We had serious problems here with the slope of the whole bath-room. Kaylin, Andy and Tanja put pieces of broken tiles in the kaylinian mosaic-style between the rocks in the concrete-floor and could really slope the whole bath-room to the drain.

Now we are upstais. The table still exists and got recently a new varnish-coat. Penguan found in the last week the curtains Clemence sew two years ago what made me so happy.

Just to give you an impression how hugh the new balcony is! Thanks to Mr. Thi (and China again) for donating these brilliant red plastic-chairs.

My sister will visit the farm in the next week, so I hope to get more pictures too. Whoever has pics from the buildings-sites, please send them to me (mudhead[at]] or add them in the Vang Vieng Organic Farm Facebook-Group. There you can find already more pics: