I know that I will forget somebody, so at first I want to thank the endless number of people who where somehow involved in pushing the dream. People like you make my day!

Thanks to all the people living at the Farm for never stopping supporting me with everything I needed and I couldn’t do on my own.

Thanks to the endless numbers of helpers:

I decided now to take out the names, because the number and the names of the volunteers are endless and I can’t remember and write down everybody. Thank you all so much. I estimate that on that house were working more than 400 differnt people! Unbelievable! Thank you all so much!

You are all invited to the big Mudhouse-Helpers-Party at the Oktober-Fest in Munich! Mojito-Girl herself is organising that, so don’t be stupid and miss that!

Thanks also to my great family that supported me so much with showing so much interest and taking care.

A great hug for Julie. I will see you soon so I can thank you personally. Great!

Special thanx to 1860 Wut-entbrannt and EAV for being the punching-ball, shoulder to lean on and dancing partner.


One Response to “Thanks”

  1. Mojito Girl Says:

    Hallo lieber Pietz,

    voll schoen deine Zeilen!!! Fuer jeden der dabei war, ist es eine besondere Zeit, ganz sicher. Etwas, was einem ewig in Erinnerung bleibt. Die Baustelle brachte viele Menschen auf eine Art und Weise zusammen!!!

    thanks for a special experience!

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