Our House

So I try to show you the house we built together with about 400 – 500 volunteers between the 09.11.2007 and the 31.03.2008 at the Vangvieng Organic Farm. These pictures all show the outside. In other posts you can find some from the inside too.

From the outside

On the farm Goe and two other guys are still working on the details that people can move in. It’s quite hard for me that I never could close the door or take a shower in my dream-house. Hopefully next year.

I start now from the outside. From the fresh slash-and-burn field.

Goe and Onkeo are taking a close look on what we did. The house itself is 10,50m long and about (sorry) 6,50 wide, depends where you messure. There was a missunderstanding betwenn me and Mr.Thi in the beginning where we would built the walls. That’s why the central-rooms are not symmetric. The carpenters seemed to be quite ”happy” with that, because they could show that they really know how to build a roof and not only stick the prefabricated pieces together.

I took this video from the mulberry field. It’s a roundview, where you can see the three mud-houses and the mulberry-tree-house.

A nice overview pic from the big terracy near the restaurant.

In my dreams:




2 Responses to “Our House”

  1. James Howley Says:

    Hi Piet,
    We meet in Dien Bien Phu around Oct 2007 just before you started your project . We shared a dinner along with a french guy (I’m Irish) Great to see how well you have done. All the best for the future.

    • earthbricker Says:

      Dear James. I can remember this evening and the discussion if the word-play “earthbricker” works or not. Hope you are well. The mud-house-project sucked lots of people in. Great lessons were to be learned and brilliant friendships evolved. Hope you find the time to come to Laos the next years. Maybe I will be at the farm again. As I said: This place sucks …. you in.
      All the best.

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