The Other Mudhouses

Our house was the ninth in Phoudindaeng that was built with mudbricks. To give you an idea what is already existing there, I selected some pictures and put them in a chronological order:

Kevin’s and Yung Ou’s House

This charming little smurf-house was first built in 2002 by Kevin ( but completely redesigned and renovated in 2006 by Yung Ou.

dsc_0512 Photo by Luland 2007

The Community Center

This project was realized in 2004 by Phoudindaeng villagers and Kevin who knew the technics from his time at the Pun Pun Farm in Northern Thailand. This picture is quite old and the Community Center was painted again and got a tiled floor. In summer the English class and the dancing class take regularly place there. Also the village-council of Phoudindaeng meets here.

More pictutres and Info:

community-center Photo by Jim Richter 2004

The Youth-Center

I don’t know that much about the construction of the Youth-Center and the Office. I think it was designed and constructed by Mark, Simon and Yong Ou in 2005 with the help of the young villagers and volunteers who stopped at the farm while travelling. Both buildings are on the same ground about 200m up the road from the organic farm.

Today this beautiful building is used in many ways. On the left you find the library, in the middle is a class-room were English- and dancing-classes take place and were the meetings of the young people of Phoudindaeng take place.


The Office

Is now the working-place for Khamming and Khamsone, two youngsters from Phoudindaeng who organise the activities of the youth-center. Also the sewing class takes place here.


Mark’s house

This house was the second dwelling house that was built on the farm in 2005.


The Seed-Center or the “Mud-Cave”

This building was constructed by Onkeo in 2007 together with the NGO Seedsavers. It serves as a cool storage place for seeds.



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