Why Earthbricks in Laos?

The owner of the VangVieng Organic Farm noticed the last years that the prize for timber in Laos is continouosly going up. The reason for that is, that the logging companies and the local people have already used most of the countries forest over the last two decades. But most of the lao people live in houses made out of timber. The shortage of that product forces some to borrow money to buy cement or to live in smaller and simpler houses. The aim of the farm is now to search for alternatives, people can use to build a cheep house. On the farm, there are already seven building, in different use. For example a community center (http://www.laofarm.org/project.html) , a youth center, two houses and a seed center. We had good and also bad experiences with building with earth, but the project started only five years ago and so far it is a great success.


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