First anniversary: Pictures before / after

On the 16.12.07 I started to clean the place where Mr. Thi, his wife Peng Oan and me had decided where we want to build the new house. The only picture I have from the site what it looked like before we came. As you can see on the size of the picture,  in these days I planed a much smaller house!


Sarah sent me a new picture that was taken about a month ago from about the same position:


The latest news say that after the first rainy season the house is abolutely alright. No severe damages approached, even after a heavy hurricane that damaged lots of houses in the village of Phoudindaeng. Still the house is not inhabitable for many different reasons. Probably I will go back the next year. Whoever would like to join, is more than welcome.


One Response to “First anniversary: Pictures before / after”

  1. One more time thumbs up for everyone and off course especially Peter for building this beautiful house.

    When are u planning to go back Peter? I will prob go in september.

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